Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Our list of iv vitamin infusion therapy service list below. When it comes to taking vitamins intravenously, they are subject to the same barrier as in your gut. They have to be ingested in larger amounts and more frequently in order to achieve similar concentration. Large amounts of vitamins can lead to upset stomach and in some circumstances this absorption can be severely limited, which can cause deficiencies. The more vitamins you take intravenously the more likely it is that you will develop deficiencies in your body. Here are some of our Iv vitamin infusion therapy options.

IV Vitamin infusion near me
IV Vitamin infusion near me

Our IV Therapy Infusion Vitamins and Other Services Near You

  • THE HANGOVER Recovery Infusion : Designed to quickly hydrate at the cellular level and boost energy. With added prescription strength medicines, this custom mix will alleviate headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. This IV infusion is instant and will get you feeling better fast. Price starts at $230 – Text Us IV for $10 Off Now 813-544-2414Infusion ingredients:  Vitamin C + B12 + B Complex + Calcium + Magnesium + Zinc + Toradol + Pepcid + Decadron + Zofran
  • FOUTAIN OF YOUTH Glow Recipe : This Anti-aging IV infusion combines powerful antioxidants for dramatic skin glowing results. Treat yourself to a youth and beauty surge from the inside out. Helps fight off the aging effects of sun, smoke and stress. Improves skin, hair, joints and strengthens bones. Prevents colds, flu and viruses. Aids in detoxifying the body. Price $210 – Text Us IV for $10 Off Now 813-544-2414Infusion ingredients:  Vitamin C + B12 + B Complex + Calcium + Magnesium + Biotin + Glutathione + Zinc
  • NAD+ Our Ultimate Brian Reboot, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in your body, and it’s involved in hundreds of metabolic processes. NAD+ can help individuals who are: interested in extending their lifespan, restoring neurological function, seeking to restore muscle strength and function, boost a weight-loss regimen, and to reduce their fatigue and improve overall energy levels. Price $410 – Text Us IV for $10 Off Now 813-544-2414Each NAD+ treatment regimen is individually designed based on the symptoms you are experiencing, or the benefits you are looking to achieve.
  • IMMUNE BOOSTER for Immunity Infusion : Are you suffering from a cold, flu or do you just want to prevent an illness? This IV therapy is armed with hydration, high doses of Zinc, Magnesium, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. Zinc can help to decrease the duration of colds and other mild illnesses. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and immune system booster. Price $180 – Text Us IV for $10 Off Now 813-544-2414Immune booster ingredients: Higher dose vitamin C + B12 + B complex +Magnesium +Calcium + Zinc
  • The Myers Cocktail the true energy infusion has been around for over 30 years and is great for maintaining ones body’s natural balance. Reduces fatigue including chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue. Aids in eliminating upper respiratory infections and chronic sinusitis. Reduces chronic and acute pain including fibromyalgia, migraines, and tension headaches. Price $170 – Text Us IV for $10 Off Now 813-544-2414Myers Cocktail Ingredients: Vitamin C + B12 + B Complex + Magnesium + Calcium
  • MIGRAIN RELIEF INFUSION – Migraines can debilitate and put life on hold. This calming IV therapy can provide relief from your headache by reducing inflammation, blood pressure, pain, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Can also prevent new migraines from happening. Price $180 – Text Us IV for $10 Off Now 813-544-2414Migraine infusion includes: vitamin C + B12 + B complex + Magnesium + Toradol + Zofran*We will not treat anyone with their first migraine or “the worst headache of my life”. This could be a medical emergency and you should seek medical attention
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